6 Tips for Looking Great on Videoconferencing Calls

6 Tips for Looking Great on Videoconferencing Calls

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How to Look Good on Video Conferencing.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had so many virtual meetings in the past few months. I even had a virtual interview. Here are some tricks I've found to help you look your best in videoconferencing meetings.  

  1. It’s All About Lighting. If you only take away one thing from this article, this should be it. Find your light. You want to have a steady, even source of light directed at your face. This can be from ring lights that attached to your computer or phone, a lamp or even a window. Make sure that you are facing the light and that it is not behind or to the side of you. 
  2. Get Elevated. Make sure that the camera you are using, whether it is your phone or a webcam, is at your eyelevel or slightly higher. You want to be looking directly into the camera. I usually use several large textbooks under my laptop to get the right angle. 
  3. Back it Up. If you find that your face looks a bit distorted or just flat out weird during virtual meetings, try backing up a bit. Most webcams (and cell phone cameras for that matter) have wide angle lenses which can make you look distorted if you are too close. 
  4. Keep it Solid. Solid colors tend to look best on camera. Lines and patterns can look distorted. Also try to avoid solid black or solid white. These colors can come across a bit “blobish” on camera. (Yes, blobish is totally a word that I did not just make up).
  5. Don’t be a Slouch. Sit up straight and look directly into the camera. You’ll look better and feel better. Win-win!
  6. Don’t Forget Your Best Accessory! Smile!

Now go out there and slay your next Virtual Meeting (that could’ve been an email). 

Check out some of our suggested looks for your next video conference.



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