10 Tips and Tricks for Applying and Wearing False Eyelashes

10 Tips and Tricks for Applying and Wearing False Eyelashes

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10 tips for applying and wearing false eyelashes

We've put together 10 of our favorite false eyelashes tips and tricks to make applying and wearing your false eyelashes effortless and comfortable. 

1.     Depending on your natural lashes, you may want to curl your natural lashes using your favorite lash curler before applying faux lashes. 

woman with eyelash curler
2.  Try different styles and shapes to see which look you prefer. Check out our Lash Lookbook to see how the false eyelashes look on different face and eye shapes because lashes can look very different on your eyes than they look in the package.  

3.    It is not necessary to wear mascara while wearing false eyelashes, but if you choose to wear mascara with your Cake for Breakfast Co. lashes, apply the mascara to your natural lashes and let dry before applying your Cake for Breakfast lashes. We do not recommend applying mascara to your Cake for Breakfast lashes as this could damage them.

4.     Don't close your eyes while applying false eyelashes.  

5.     Look down into a small mirror while applying your false eyelashes lashes to make it easier. 

6.     Use our Eyeliner Lash Glue Pens to make applying your false eyelashes quick and easy. 

Eyeliner lash glue pens

7.    It is usually necessary to trim faux lashes before applying them as they are not one-size fits all.  Measure them against your eye to determine the correct length.  Always trim less than you think you need to because you always, cut more, but you can't add more lashes after they have been cut. If you choose to trim your lashes trim from the outside edge. 

8.    Use a

Eyelash Applicator

Eyelash Applicator


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to help apply your false eyelashes. 

eyelash applicator for applying false eyelashes for beginners

9.     Store lashes in their original packaging to help them keep their shape.

cake for breakfast company false eyelashes that look natural

10.    Keep your lashes away from dust and moisture. 

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