How to Remove Lashes from the Packaging Tray

How to Remove Lashes from the Packaging Tray

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Want to learn how to properly remove lashes from the packaging tray? Keep reading. If you prefer to watch, check out this video on our YouTube channel

At Cake for Breakfast Company, we use ultrafine, delicate materials in order to make our false eyelashes lashes lightweight and natural looking. To avoid damaging them, you want to make sure to properly remove your lashes from the packaging tray. Our quick and easy method works for your Cake for Breakfast Company Lashes, and should work with any brand of false eyelashes with a cotton band. 

Start by removing the clear plastic lash tray from the outer packaging before removing your false eyelashes from the tray. Simply use your two thumbs to pop out the lash tray from the outer packaging. (Don't worry, we know how much you love our packaging so you can easily pop the tray back in when you are finished.) 

Once you have removed the tray, place the pad of your thumb as close to the lash band as possible. Try to cover as much of the false eyelashes with your thumb as possible, as you are less likely to damage them this way. Using the pad of your thumb, gently pull the false eyelashes away from the tray. Continue using your thumb to gently slide the false eyelashes away from the tray.

Once the lashes have become unstuck from the tray, you can use an eyelash applicator, tweezers, or your fingers to gently lift the lashes from the tray.   

Eyelash Applicator

Eyelash Applicator


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Prefer to watch, rather than read? We've created a video for you. 

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