Myths and Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Can you reuse fake eyelashes? Are fake eyelashes reusable? 

A. Yes, with proper care our faux lashes are reusable up to 20 wears. To learn how to care for your faux lashes click here

Q. Can I wear faux lashes in the shower, pool, beach, etc.?

A. We do not recommend getting your Cake for Breakfast Co. lashes wet, as it could warp the shape of the lashes and damage the hair.

 Q. What are your lashes made of?

A. Our handcrafted faux lashes are made from incredibly fine synthetic silk fibers while the bands are made from a lightweight cotton blend. 

 Q. What type of lash glue do I use? 

A. We recommend that you use our Cake for Breakfast Co. Adhesive Liner to make applying your lashes easy, but you can use any lash glue for false eyelashes that is compatible with cotton band lashes. 

Q. Are your lashes cruelty free?

A. Yes. Cake for Breakfast Co. lashes are made from fine synthetic silk PBT fibers on cotton bands.  No animal products are used in our lashes or liners. 





I don’t have time to apply lashes.

With our Adhesive Liner, you have long, luxurious lashes in seconds. We have found that using our simple, two step system, takes less time than applying mascara. To learn how to apply false eyelashes click here

Lashes are difficult to apply

They sure used to be. Messy glue, heavy magnets. Ugh!  Things are different now. Our exclusive Adhesive Liner takes the place of lash glue, making it super easy to have apply lashes in just seconds. If you can apply eyeliner, you can apply these lashes in no time. If you can’t apply eyeliner, no worries. Contact us and we will make you a tutorial. To learn how to apply false eyelashes click here

Lashes are uncomfortable to wear.

Our lashes are designed with comfort in mind. They are handmade from lightweight, comfortable materials. Our clients have reported that these lashes are so light that they forget that they are wearing them. 

I can't wear false eyelashes because I wear glasses. 

You can still wear false eyelashes, even if you wear glasses. Just look for glasses with a shorter length.  All of Cake for Breakfast Company's false eyelashes are less than 20 mm in length. 

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