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WANTED: Long, luxurious lashes that look natural, apply easily and are comfortable enough to wear all day. We've got the perfect pair of lashes to instantly upgrade your look.  Specially designed to enhance and not overpower your natural beauty, all of our lashes are handcrafted from high quality silk fiber. Our lightweight cotton bands are thick enough to hold their shape, but thin enough to be comfortable and maneuverable, making these lashes practically effortless to apply. In less time than it takes to apply mascara, you can have the lashes of your dreams. 

Add a little fun to your look with Cakepop Lashes.  Deliciously lightweight, but decadently glam, Cakepop is sure you be your new favorite pair of lashes.  Life is not perfect, but your lashes can be. 


  • Our lashes are reusable up to 20 wears, with proper care.
  • Handcrafted from premium Synthetic Vegan Silk PBT Fiber, for natural looking  lashes. 
  • Lightweight, cotton band, ensures weightless comfort.
  • Cakepop Lashes provide full volume.
  • Beautiful flared shape to enhance your natural eye shape.
  • 10-15 mm in length for natural looking, beautiful length.

    Vegan and Cruelty Free

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    How to Apply Lashes:

    Step 1: Carefully remove lashes from packaging.  We recommend removing the clear plastic circle insert from packaging before removing the lashes. 

    To remove lashes from the circular lash tray, use the pad of your thumb.  Place your thumb onto the lashes as close to the band as possible and gently slide the lashes down.  Continue to do so for the length of the band, until the lashes have become unstuck from the tray. 

    Step 2: Hold lashes to your eye to measure the length. If the lashes are longer than your eye, gently trim the lashes to the proper length.  Trim from the outside and always trim less than you think you need.  Once your lashes are trimmed to the proper length you will not have to trim then again. 

    Step 3: Hold the ends of your lashes and gently wiggle back and forth to shape.  

    Step 4: We recommend that you use Cake for Breakfast Co Adhesive Liner to apply your lashes as it is the quickest way to apply lashes, but you may also use your favorite lash glue. Apply your Cake for Breakfast Co. Adhesive Liner.  

    Step 5: Using your Cake for Breakfast Co. Lash Applicator or your fingers, gently grasp the lashes and apply to the center of your eye.  Gently press down.  Then press down the sides and voila! 

    To learn more visit How to Apply False Eyelashes for Beginners.


    • Depending on your natural lashes, you may want to curl your natural lashes using your favorite lash curler before applying Cake for Breakfast Co. lashes. 
    • It is not necessary to wear mascara while wearing lashes, but if you choose to wear mascara with your Cake for Breakfast Co. lashes, apply the mascara to your natural lashes and let dry before applying your Cake for Breakfast lashes. We do not recommend applying mascara to your Cake for Breakfast lashes as this could damage them.
    • It helps to apply lashes while looking down into a mirror, but not straight ahead. 
    • Don't close your eyes while applying lashes.  

    To learn more view Our 10 Best Tips and Tricks for Applying and Wearing Your False Eyelashes.

    How to Care for Lashes:

    To get up to 20 or more wears from your lashes:

    -Remember to always be gently with your lashes. These lashes are handcrafted from delicate materials.  

    -Gently remove your Cake for Breakfast Co lashes by gently grasping the corner of the band and carefully lifting. 

    -When you are not wearing them, store your Cake for Breakfast Co. lashes in their original packaging to help them maintain their shape. 

    - Keep your Cake for Breakfast Co. lashes away from dust and moisture. 

    - You may use a clean spooly to carefully brush your lashes. 

    - Do not apply mascara directly to your lashes. 

    To learn more view How to Care for False Eyelashes

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      So gorgeous!!

      The lashes and the adhesive liner are so easy to use and amazing quality!